The Abode of the Gods is an option before visiting Machu Picchu

An excellent option for those who have free time before or after visiting Machu Picchu is to visit the Abode of the Gods. A modern attraction located very close to Cusco, it requires little travel time and the trip is quite comfortable. In this blog, we will explain more about the place and some details that should be taken into account to get to the place. Likewise, we will leave other options or activities similar to this new destination that receives more and more visitors in Cusco. Let’s start!

full view to The Abode of the Gods – Cusco

The Abode of the gods or Apukunaq Tianan

One of the most striking sculptures in this place

The Abode of the Gods is a modern enclosure that has artistic decorations and large sculptures. This enclosure has its mysticism and also has very high pretensions because the goal of the place is to be an Andean pantheon. There you can find different sculptures that make direct allusion to the representations of the main gods or divinities of the Andean mythology.

The sculptures that generated more attraction were the larger ones. Among these sculptures we can find figures of 4 to 8 meters. Most of these sculptures are on stones found within the enclosure itself. At the same time, others are assembled from different materials. The sculptures in general are not made with only one material. They are different and they differ in size and finish.

The artist who directs all the finishes has the name of Michel de Tinta Monteagudo Mejía. A Cusquenian artist who began working with large sculptures. Now the goals of the place, are different, and decorative works are still being carried out in the place. Some details require more thoroughness. In the same way, more areas for recreation or sharing are being built.

In the Abode of the Gods, you can find different services among which you can find snacks, drinks, ice cream, souvenirs, and more. You can also find a small restaurant and yes, many places where you can take the pictures you want. Currently, the Abode of the Gods is one of the most Instagrammable places, thanks to the presence of the different sculptures and the location in general. Later we will know the ways to get there and how they offer tours.

How are the tours to the Abode of the Gods?

Sculptures found in The Abode of the Gods

Normally the tours offered in Cusco start with the pick-up from the central hotels or a meeting point. As this place is very close to Cusco you can find several schedules to start the activities. The average tour takes about 5 hours including travel time, tour, and return to Cusco. The recommended time is 8:00 in the morning. So it is an incredible option and can even be a comfortable trip. Of course, if you only want to make the trip to the Abode of the Gods. But there are tours to make extra tours.

In case you make the trip with children or seniors, it is recommended to make the service with travel agencies. The travel agencies will be in charge of providing transportation from the Historic Center of Cusco and culminate right there. Making the travel experience more comfortable for the whole group of people. Likewise, you will have a guided tour, where the guide will be in charge of giving you information about the figures that you will see and also about the construction process and inspiration.

One of the options of doing the service with a travel agency is that you can also find an option to make the trip by ATV, just from the Tica Tica bus stop. In case you want to do this option, the driving time is about 40 minutes and you follow an alternate route. However, one of the most important services of acquiring the service of a tourist agency is that you can also visit other places. For example, after visiting The Abode of the Gods, you can visit the Valley of the Goblins. After both tours, it is advisable to have lunch. For this, the agencies usually make a stop in Huasao.

After lunch in Huasao, the route continues to the Huasao Wetlands where you can also see some figures and carvings. But in this case, you can see some Ents, the Marvel character: Groot, and some sculptures from other series and movies of popular culture. The tour will end with a visit to an artisan oven in Oropesa. Place is where you can appreciate the elaboration and tasting of the most famous bread of Cusco, the Chuta bread.

As we saw, doing the tour with a travel agency can be much more entertaining and will allow you to visit all these places in just one trip. The places we mentioned are not very far from Cusco and can also be done independently. But many times tourists, whether domestic or foreign, do not have much time. Doing this tour will be an excellent option for those who have free time before visiting Machu Picchu. Here is how to make the trip on your own to the Abode of the Gods.

Self-guided tour to the Abode of the Gods

Landscape along the route to The Abode of the Gods

Traveling on your own often seems complicated. However, in Cusco, they are quite possible and easy to do. This is mainly due to the security of the city, in the case of the Abode of the Gods. You can start the trip by arriving at one of the bus stops of the transportation company Expreso Santiago, they are white buses with blue decorations. In its route it follows the square of Tupac Amaru of the district of Wanchaq, to then arrive at the street Ayacucho, a place where it is recommended to accede to the service. This stop is the closest to the Historic Center of Cusco.

You must continue the trip until you reach the final stop, that is to say, you must continue until you pass the Tica Tica Arch. Here you can tell the bus driver that you wish to get off at the stop that will take you to the Abode of the Gods. Another option is to make the trip to Poroy, and from there take the collective transports. These transports are like cabs, but they usually make the route once the vehicle is full. The total travel time doing it independently can extend up to approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, approximately. There is not much to worry about, several people make the route and there are several carriers that make this service. The average price that usually costs the whole trip doing it independently is between 5 to 10 soles.

What other activities are there in the Abode of the Gods?

When arriving at the entrance area of the Abode of the Gods, you will have to pay the corresponding fee. Like other archaeological sites, prices vary according to the origin of the tourist or visitor. Normally the prices are:

  • Entrance for tourists from Cusco or locals, the price is 5.00 PEN for adults. While for children it is 3.00 PEN.
  • Tickets for national tourists or from any other part of Peru, outside Cusco, the general price for adults is 10.00 PEN. In the case of children is 3.00 PEN.
  • Tickets for adult foreign tourists are 15.00 PEN, while entrance tickets for foreign children are 5.00 PEN.

As we mentioned, at present some arrangements are still being made, new figures and more spaces for tourists who visit them. This attraction, besides being aimed at foreigners, is also a way to learn and identify more cultural aspects of the Andean tradition and its entire worldview.

The activities that can be done go beyond just taking pictures. In the sculptures, you can also visit some new constructions that allow moments of reflection in small caves, places that are also ideal for thanking the Pachamama for her blessings. You can also find a small restaurant – museum, where you can take the opportunity to have a small snack.

Among other attractions that can be appreciated is the ceremonial room where you can find representations of the Sun and the Moon, the main deities of the Andean culture. In this small room, you can make a small ritual of gratitude and goodness. Some people can guide or direct you to know the whole place. It is also important to mention that you can make payments by digital wallets and Visa and Mastercard.

Other short time alternatives

Near Cusco, you can do different activities and much will depend on what you want to find. For example, if you do not want to leave Cusco for fear or because you have little time. One option is to visit the viewpoints of Cusco. You can also do the City Tour and even some other travel options. The main options are the Sacred Valley and the South Valley. All these activities can help you acclimatize and start on a better footing with the rest of the activities you plan to do in Cusco before or after visiting Machu Picchu.


By Imachupicchu – Last updated, April 3, 2024

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