The First Class, the best train to travel to Machu Picchu

Next, learn more about all the exclusive services that this train has. The First Class is a train dedicated to the comfort and delight of every aspect that a trip can have. It has all the top quality services, which you will hope your trip will never end. The Observatory Lounge carriages are the ideal space to try the exquisite pisco sour or some other drink that may or may not include alcohol. Learn more about this Inca Rail train’s services, schedules, and availability.

Inca Rail The First Class train wagon ready to start

Inca Rail and the exclusivity of its services

Inca Rail is one of the companies that can make train services from Cusco or Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes. Inca Rail offers different travel options and in all of them, the good attention and comfort of travelers is prioritized. Over the years, a hundred percent Peruvian identity was generated, giving work to several compatriots. Since the integration of Inca Rail to The Carlyle Peru Group Found, this and other changes were generated, such as the integration of exclusive trains for the most demanding clients and even private services.

Inca Rail has been promoting ecological services, especially in recent years. The services and gifts that you will receive such as snacks or drinks are carefully selected by experts and professionals in the environmental area. In the exclusive trains, you can taste cocktails, drinks, appetizers, and main dishes among other tastings. Everything mentioned is made with a hundred percent natural foods. Likewise, they give away a mosquito repellent made with natural plants that are effective and that help to hydrate the skin, a truly special product.

The train First Class is one of the most exclusive trains to visit Machu Picchu, it has all the services that we mentioned and also a well-trained staff with exclusive attention. In recent years, the presence of Inca Rail has managed to increase visits to Machu Picchu and, in addition to presenting itself as a new alternative, it is a very different option, but with the seriousness and commitment to make a travel experience to Machu Picchu an unforgettable experience. Next, we will tell you more about this luxury train.

First Train Class: an unforgettable trip to Machu Picchu

First Class de Inca Rail
Inside of the carriages of The First Class of Inca Rail

For a trip to be unforgettable it has to have everything up to problems according to some people. However, the train First Class is so unique that you won’t have any problems. The problems you will have to look for elsewhere. Thanks to the acquisition of this service you will have a professional guide, an entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, and even the reservation of the bus that will transport you from Aguas Calientes to the access area of Machu Picchu. That’s not all, we haven’t talked about the services on board the train yet, but we’ll leave that for later, now we’re going to talk about what the train carriages are like The First Class.

This train honors the “First Class”, to begin with, it has more comfortable seats. These seats are so comfortable that there are only 30 of them per car, where more than 40 seats normally fit. It also has buildable tables, which will serve for exclusive attention such as the courtesy cocktail that is usually an aperitif. This appetizer is ideal so you can later consume the gourmet lunch with an exquisite dessert. This wagon has decorations alluding to the Inca culture and the nature that we can find in Machu Picchu.

To avoid problems with the visit to Machu Picchu, it is recommended to book this train ticket in advance. This is so that the acquisition of the Machu Picchu ticket is not an inconvenience and you can make the trip as it should. You will get to know the exclusive Observatory Lounge wagon, it is a finely decorated wagon. From this place, you will be able to buy the best cocktails while you observe and enjoy the landscape and the abundant vegetation that begins to surround all the mountains as we get closer to Aguas Calientes. This train is luxurious, every aspect inside the carriages, such as the large windows and the exclusive service, will make you wish that the trip never ends.

Exclusive services of the First train classes

Aperitivo First Class de Inca Rail
Quinoa-based appetizer served on The First Class Train

This train has comfortable seats. It also has modern facilities such as USB ports, located near the chairs. These ports are effective for charging a cell phone or laptop while traveling. Like the other Inca Rail trains, you can also enjoy the drama Ollantay. During this staging, the actors wear fabrics made by one of the direct heir districts of the Inca culture. This community receives the name Huilloc. Let’s see in more detail the exclusive services of this train:

  • As it is a luxury service, we will have access to the Inca Rail VIP Waiting Room at the train stations.
  • The seats are comfortable.
  • Large windows to enjoy the entire landscape during the trip.
  • The wagons are finely decorated. The tables will have glasses and cutlery for tasting all the food offered on board.
  • Tasting of cocktails as appetizers.
  • Gourmet lunch and dessert with Andean foods such as trout, quinoa, native potato from Peru, corn, fruits such as aguaymanto, capulí, and much more.
  • Wine and champagne tasting.
  • Music on board.
  • Exclusive car: Observatory Lounge, has a balcony and lounge (Special or private sale).
  • Staging of the drama Ollantay.
  • Bus to the access area to Machu Picchu.
  • Professional guide to tour Machu Picchu.
  • The service will be bimodal.
  • Exclusive transportation to return to Cusco (if you purchase an all-inclusive return ticket).
Availability of The First Class train:
Regarding schedules, the train operates only on request and on certain dates. It is recommended to inquire about the availability of dates. Also, try to make this consultation in advance. The hours are ideal to get to know Machu Picchu in the afternoon. On your train trip you can have lunch and relax your body, once you arrive in Aguas Calientes you must ascend directly to the archaeological site in the ecological buses.

Why travel on the First train Class?

First Class de Inca Rail
Observatory Lodge of the Inca Rail The First Class train

This train is special for family trips. The comfort of the seats and all the attention you receive will be ideal so that the children do not get bored or have any discomfort. Although the prices may seem high, the services and friendliness of the Inca Rail staff are more than enough to prove the exclusivity of the services. The train First Class starts its activities on a regular schedule, that is, it does not have schedules that force you to get up early or leave very late on the return trains. These schedules allow you to make a comfortable trip and also enjoy the landscapes that surround the entire railway line.

As we mentioned before, the schedule of this train is ideal to have a comfortable trip. You do not need to wake up very early and you will also have a delicious lunch on board the train. This lunch along with the drinks and cocktails that are offered are free and are included in the services. In case you want to consume more of the drinks, you can ask the Inca Rail staff for the service. You will also have access to the Observatory Lounge car to better contemplate the landscapes and mountains that surround the entire route.

Another important aspect of this train ticket is that you will be able to pamper yourself when taking a trip to the wonder of the world. The trip in The First Class is the perfect complement to travel to Machu Picchu. Whether you choose only the one way or return train. However, we recommend that you book the complete package so that you do not miss anything and enjoy all the services without having to worry about how to get back to Cusco or what transport to take. Remind them that the train The First Class, also has tickets to Machu Picchu, so you will have everything you need to visit Machu Picchu in one day.

Can I improve my travel experience to Machu Picchu?

Show en vivo en el tren The First Class de Inca Rail
The First Class Train Live Show

Given the services offered by the train The First Class, it seems that the whole trip and the experience cannot improve, however, visiting Machu Picchu has some details that every traveler should take into account. These more than details are tips that we leave for everyone who wants to travel to Machu Picchu and not make mistakes that can cost them entrance to the wonder of the world. If you have any questions or we did not answer any concerns you may have, do not hesitate to write to us through customer service.

  • You always have to start making the reservation of this ticket or the Machu Picchu ticket in advance.
  • The trip to Machu Picchu from Cusco lasts almost 5 hours in total.
  • It will be important that you present your ID or passport to validate your reservations both on the train and when entering Machu Picchu.
  • Remember that you can also book your hotel in advance.
  • Inca Rail usually gives out mosquito repellents, so you will have one on hand. However, you can bring one of your preferences.
  • Sunscreen and a hat are necessary to avoid burns or skin damage.
  • People under symptoms of drugs and/or alcohol cannot enter.
  • It is not possible to enter with professional recording equipment.
  • Backpacks must not exceed the dimensions of 40x35x20 cm.
  • The entry of tools that may damage the facilities of the archaeological site.
  • Disturbing the order of the tour to disturb other visitors.


By Imachupicchu – Last updated, May 10, 2023

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