The type of currency on the trip to Machu Picchu

The trip to Machu Picchu can be expensive or cheap depending on the decision of the tourist himself. Unfortunately, not many tourist services accept credit card payments. That is why carrying a little cash is essential. The most commercial currency on the trip is the Peruvian sol (S /.) Or the American dollar ($).

Peruvian money
Peruvian money

The official currency of Peru

The official currency of Peru is the Peruvian sol (S /.). This currency is accepted in commercial establishments throughout the country.

The nominations in coins are: 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 Peruvian sol, 2 Peruvian soles and 5 Peruvian soles.

The banknote nominations are: 10 Peruvian soles, 20 Peruvian soles, 50 Peruvian soles, 100 Peruvian soles and 200 Peruvian soles.

The Peruvian sol, its value

One Peruvian sol is worth approximately US $ 0.30. The value can increase or decrease but the average is that.

A Peruvian sol is worth 0.20 euros on average. The exchange rate of this currency can also decrease or increase but in general it remains that way.

One Peruvian sol is worth 1.32 Brazilian reais. This type of change is average but can vary over time.

In all the cities of Peru there are currency exchange shops where the three types of currencies mentioned are widely accepted: American dollar, euro and Brazilian real.

The American dollar on the trip to Machu Picchu

During the trip to Machu Picchu, the US dollar is widely accepted in all types of tourist businesses: hotels, restaurants, handicraft stores and tourism agencies. Even many tour guides accept payment in this currency.

Unfortunately, many tourist services calculate the exchange rate, from the Peruvian sol to the US dollar, in such a way that it is not convenient for the tourist. Due to this, a good option is to make the payment in Peruvian soles.

In the town of Aguas Calientes (at the foot and only 10 kilometers from Machu Picchu) there are ‘currency exchange’ businesses. However, the indicated place to carry out these operations is the city of Cusco. On Avenida El Sol there are many ‘money exchange houses’, located just a few steps from the Main Square.

The euro on the trip to Machu Picchu

The euro is a currency accepted in a few tourist businesses such as travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and, to a lesser extent, handicraft shops.

Unfortunately, most businesses prefer that the payment of their services be in Peruvian soles or US dollars.

The entrance to Machu Picchu can be purchased online or in person in the city of Cusco. The accepted currencies are the Peruvian soles or American dollars. If you pay the exchange rate in euro, many times, they are not favorable to the tourist.

Other types of coins on the trip to Machu Picchu

During the trip to Machu Picchu, other types of currencies other than the Peruvian sol, the American dollar, the euro or the Brazilian real are not widely accepted. In these cases, it is advisable to carry out operations in banks or ‘currency exchange houses’.

The most common currencies that can be traded in ‘currency exchanges’ are: the British pound, the Japanese yen, the Canadian dollar, the Chinese yuan, the Australian dollar, the Mexican peso and even the Russian ruble.

The indicated place to make currency exchanges is the city of Cusco.

Some tips about money on the trip to Machu Picchu

Unfortunately, in Peru, counterfeit bills circulate in US dollars, euros and, above all, in Peruvian soles. For this reason, it is advisable to check the authenticity of the coins or bills when making purchases.

In the vast majority of tourist agencies, hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist shops in Cusco, credit or debit cards are accepted as a means of payment.

Are you looking to change from one currency to another? The ideal place to do it is in the many ‘exchange houses’ that are on Avenida El Sol, a 5-minute walk from the Main Square in Cusco. During the trip to Machu Picchu there are not many ‘exchange houses’ on the route, so the city of Cusco is the best place to carry out these operations.

Inside Machu Picchu there are toilets and backpack keepers. The cost of these services is 2 Peruvian soles. No other type of currency is accepted.

The tour guides who accompany you through Machu Picchu accept payments in Peruvian soles, US dollars, and even euros and Brazilian reais.

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