The Voyager train of Inca Rail

The Inca Rail The Voyager train is one of the first options to consider for the trip to Machu Picchu. The Voyager train is moderately priced compared to other trains without taking away from the comfort of the seats and the space dedicated to travelers. Some change that can be perceived in a general way is that if you decide to travel on this train, you will have the general services but without the appetizers or snacks that other services usually have as a courtesy. Learn more about The Voyager train below.

The Voyager Train Car

Since when does Inca Rail operate with routes to Machu Picchu?

Inca Rail has been operating since 2014, covering routes from Cusco to Machu Picchu. After two years of service, precisely in June 2016, all the services were acquired by the investment group The Carlyle Peru. The fund somehow changed some functionalities and put more emphasis on the bimodal service, at different types of trains and prices. In addition, always try to have a contract with Peruvian workers and promote ecological services in snacks, drinks, air fresheners, and other services.

In this sense, Inca Rail is an excellent option to get to know Machu Picchu. By joining a more prestigious company, he also acquired important agreements. But what it also achieved is that the price of the ticket is more accessible and at the same time the client can choose which of the trains to make the long-awaited trip to the Wonder of the world. Since the introduction of the Inca Rail services, visits to Machu Picchu have increased and the influx of tourists left happier by not queuing or waiting for the return train.

The Voyager train is the basic train that Inca Rail has. This train does not have exclusive wagons, gifts, or courtesy services. However, you will find comfortable and spacious seats. All of them are ideal for a trip of almost 2 hours. The windows are large and allow you to see the entire landscape during the trip. Inca Rail has been advancing strongly in recent years and all this is thanks to the fact that it meets all the expectations that are presented for each trip.

The Voyager train of Inca Rail

Travel on The Voyager train to Machu Picchu Pueblo

We already explained some benefits of this train. However, in this section, we will delve into the details that make this train one of the best travel options to Machu Picchu. We will start by pointing out the price that can vary from less than 60 US dollars to more than 70. TIn some wagons, you can find photographs of the Huilloc community, who imperturbably inherited the Inca traditions and can show it off in the elaboration of their fabrics and the way they grow crops. They are in charge of making the typical costumes with which the actors’ clothing is made at the time of performing the Ollantay Drama in all the trains and wagons of the Inca Rail train.

As for The Voyager or “El Viajero” train carriages, you can find a well-decorated environment, with photographs of the region and the Cusco landscapes. In some wagons, you can find photographs of the Huilloc community, who imperturbably inherited the Inca traditions and can show it off in the elaboration of their fabrics and the way they grow crops. They are in charge of making the typical costumes with which the actors’ clothing is made at the time of performing the Ollantay Drama in all the trains and wagons of the Inca Rail train.

An important factor to purchase your train tickets in Inca Rail is that you can do it online. The trains have the availability of 6 wagons and each wagon admits approximately 40 seats. Passengers at the time of purchasing the ticket, have the right to carry a small backpack or hand luggage that is not very large. It is important to note that the trains are shared with people. Luggage spaces are shared.

Inca Rail services:
Inca Rail has many services dedicated to meeting the highest demands. It has economic services and also exclusive first-class services. It also has contemplation wagons known as observatory wagons, ideal for nature lovers.

Services that include the train

The Voyager train services are necessary to make a trip to Machu Picchu. In other words, you won’t have a luxurious trip, but you won’t have an uncomfortable one either. In addition, you can make use of the USB port chargers and also enjoy a live show that will narrate the drama of Ollantay when he fell in love with one of the daughters of the Inca Pachacútec.

  • By purchasing the Inca Rail train ticket, you will be able to access the exclusive Inca Rail waiting area. Which is located at the Ollantaytambo train station.
  • Comfortable seats, in front of a small table. In addition, the windows are large, ideal for contemplating all of nature.
  • During the trip you can purchase or buy snacks and drinks.
  • It will have travel information and background music.
  • Both on the outbound and return trips, you can appreciate the Magic on Board, which is nothing more than the staging of the Ollantay dram.
  • It has more than 6 schedules.
  • You can choose the bimodal service or the traditional service which is only the train service.
  • An adequate space for travelers to place their backpacks.
  • The services offered such as drinks, snacks and more are all eco-friendly.
  • The Inca Rail staff will assist you before boarding and during the trip.

Departure time for The Voyager train, train stations, and arrival time

Schedules with departure from the city of Cusco or Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu

Departure from:Departure timeArrival timeArrive at:
Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
04:20 am.08:01 am.Aguas Calientes
Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
08:30 am.12:41 pm.Aguas Calientes
Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
01:30 pm.06:09 pm.Aguas Calientes
Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
04:15 pm.09:09 pm.Aguas Calientes
Estación Ollantaytambo
06:40 am.08:01 am.Aguas Calientes
Estación Ollantaytambo
11:15 am.12:41 pm.Aguas Calientes
Estación Ollantaytambo
04:36 pm.06:09 pm.Aguas Calientes
Estación Ollantaytambo
07:27 pm.09:09 pm.Aguas Calientes

Horarios desde Machu Picchu Pueblo hasta Ollantaytambo y Cusco

Partida desde:Hora de salidaHora de llegadaLlega a:
Aguas Calientes
08:30 am.10:10 am.Ollataytambo
Aguas Calientes
02:30 pm.04:04 pm.Ollataytambo
Aguas Calientes
07:00 pm.08:41 pm.Ollataytambo
Aguas Calientes
09:30 pm.10:54 pm.Ollataytambo
Aguas Calientes
02:30 pm.06:30 pm.Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
Aguas Calientes
07:00 pm.11:00 pm.Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
Aguas Calientes
09:30 pm.01:15 am.Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*
Aguas Calientes
04:15 pm.09:09 pm.Av. El Sol 843 – Cusco*

*The services with departures from Cusco or arrival in Cusco, are through the bimodal service.

Why travel on The Voyager train?

Escenificación drama Ollantay
Beginning of the staging of the Ollantay drama on The Voyager train

The Voyager train is special for those who wish to travel comfortably to Machu Picchu. The first factor: the prices are accessible. Regarding the variety of schedules, it allows the client or the traveler to choose the best travel alternative. You can choose between spending the night in Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu Pueblo to start a return trip early and better appreciate the nature that forms a special landscape thanks to the fact that during the trip we will be accompanied by the continuous view of a river.

Another option is to make the trip at noon, have a pleasant lunch in Aguas Calientes, and after that enter the Inca citadel before 2:00 pm. The main attraction of entering at this time is to contemplate Machu Picchu in greater detail since at this time the citadel is less crowded. Another benefit of this schedule is that it allows you to appreciate the sunset inside the citadel and contemplate how the sun hides between the mountains.

Finally, you can opt for this train to have some savings, which you can use in the different restaurants that are located in Aguas Calientes or Cusco. It can also help you to get to know other destinations such as the Sacred Valley, where you can appreciate other Inca constructions and even go hiking for a day and discover natural destinations such as the Humantay lagoon and the beautiful Vinincunca or Mountain of 7 Colors.

Important information to visit Machu Picchu

Travel details are always important. Especially if you are a foreigner, remember that if you speak English you will have an advantage since you will find people who are fluent in the Anglo-Saxon language. These people will be in the hotels and by some means of transport. In Cusco, you will find many people who can help you both in your language or will find a way to do it. Most people in Cusco are friendly. After saying this, we will mention some information that can be useful to you in Cusco and Machu Picchu:

  • Before making your trip to Peru or Cusco, book the entrance ticket to Machu Picchu.
  • Making a reservation helps to better plan the activities of the trip.
  • The passport must be valid for more than 6 months.
  • It will also be necessary to have the identity document at hand.
  • In several hotel services, you can make the reservation in advance.
  • Bus tickets to get to the access area to Machu Picchu can also be purchased through virtual purchases.
  • Regarding the reservations you make, you will have to present your ID or Passport to validate them.
  • On your visit to Machu Picchu, you have to use mosquito repellent and sunscreen.
  • The entrance to Machu Picchu is prohibited for people in a state of intoxication.
  • Home or non-professional recordings and photographs are valid.
  • You cannot enter with recording equipment or equipment that could damage the archaeological site.
  • Backpacks and belongings are limited to one personal backpack per person.
  • Finally, to avoid problems, arrive at the station 30 minutes before the train departure time.


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