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In Cusco you can do different activities, one of the less known activities is probably the cycling route. The beautiful landscapes of Cusco and its surroundings provide a suitable landscape for those who wish to have outdoor activities. Cycling as a tourist and recreational activity, little by little was decreasing. Now, after several years its popularity has increased and that is why we want to talk about some alternatives that can be done in Cusco – Peru about cycling. These activities can be an excellent option for those who have free time before or after visiting Machu Picchu and feel like doing extreme adventures. Let’s learn more about them below.

Inca Jungle
Cycling through the Abra Malaga – Inca Jungle Route

Cycling and cross country in Cusco

Cusco’s geography and relief are ideal for extreme adventure activities. Especially extreme adventures by bicycle or ATV. In the case of cycling activities in Cusco, probably the best known is the Inca Jungle route or tour. Where you can make a descent by bike from the high Andean areas to go into the high jungle, this trip is one of the most amazing activities that can be done to Machu Picchu. It is an ideal alternative for young people and especially for groups of friends. The Inca Jungle activities are truly unforgettable.

However, we want to show some other alternatives that can be done in Cusco and its surroundings. As we mentioned the rugged relief of Cusco is ideal for this type of activity. In Cusco, you can find an abrupt and varied relief where you can appreciate different landscapes, such as the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas or the imposing mountains that can be seen during the tour of the South Valley. Although probably the most surprising change of all Cusco is in its access to the high jungle and the highlands. In both places, the geography is completely different.

Cycling can be confused with the activity of Cross Country. This is because the latter is a specific activity of the general activity of cycling. Cycling as such can comprise different activities in the open field, in the mountains, sand, and even in small rides in the city. However, cross country is an activity that necessarily takes you to the mountains, although it is not a descent as such, you can experience some locations of climbs, descents, complicated roads, or similar. This factor is because the activity is not framed to a mountain descent, but the cycling activity is done in the mountains, in the countryside and the open, on ascending routes, and so on.

In Cusco, you can do this type of cycling, but it is necessary to have a Cross Country type bicycle, which normally in Cusco and all of Peru we call “mountain bikes”. Of course, nowadays bicycles have undergone great changes and have been improving in their performance. To the point of having less weight and being more resistant to the different activities that you want to do. As an important point, the activities that we will point out all have in common that this type of bicycle will be needed, which we will call: Cross country bicycles. In addition, they are the ones that travel agencies should normally offer you, to make your tour. Now let’s learn more about the possible routes that can be done in Cusco and its surroundings.

Corn Route in Pisac and Ollantaytambo

This route receives its name because it practically follows the route through the roads and trails that unite two important districts of the Sacred Valley. We are talking about Pisac and Ollantaytambo. During the route, it is possible to appreciate the enormous cornfields. In the first months of the year, you can see these crops, in addition, you can see the crops with large size. This is because they will soon be ready for harvest. The corn of the Sacred Valley of the Incas has a large size and also has a special flavor. If you have the opportunity to try them, do not hesitate. You will surely find it with a good slice of cheese.

The Maize route by bicycle, connecting Pisac and Ollantaytambo, does not have a great difficulty. It follows safe and flat trails. At times there will be uphill stretches, but these will be compensated by the downhills that are encountered. Normally travel agencies make sure that the cycling equipment is in optimal condition, be sure to try them and also to use the safety equipment. Although the route may seem simple and without many complications, the adventure must be carried out with the security of the case.

Destination Huacarpay

In Huacarpay, which is located about 30 minutes from Cusco, we can find a road that is practically ideal for a simple tour. In Huacarpay, we can find one of the most beautiful lagoons that is very close to Cusco. Precisely, on the shores of this lagoon, you can find a road of about 5 kilometers. Before starting with the small route, it is possible as usual to test the equipment and once everything is ready, start with the short route.

This route being so simple serves more as a practice route. In this place, you can teach your children or your loved ones how to ride a bicycle. One of the benefits of this section is that there are few vehicles. According to some agencies, it is said that practically no cars pass through the place. The route does not end at the end of the 5 kilometers, the tourist can make several times the route until he finds the time to rest. Another point in favor of this destination is that you can make a brief tour of the district of Lucre, where you can visit good restaurants.

Lares mountain route

This route is for experts in mountain biking. To complete this route you will follow an Inca Trail that will connect Lares with one of the towns near the high jungle. Archaeological sites are also visited, so the fun of this route is guaranteed. The route is quite complicated. Those who already have some experience in mountain biking can do it as a way to improve their skills. The most difficult section consists of vertical downhill terrain with a distance of 75 meters.

This will be one of the moments in which the adrenaline will reach its peak, making the route an unforgettable experience. Another positive factor of this route is that it follows ancient Inca trails, that is to say, we will follow the Inca Trail route. This experience will be considerably enhanced by visiting the archaeological sites of Ancasmarca and Calipuquio. In addition, at the end of the route, you can access the thermal baths of Machacancha. The total route is 12 kilometers, through terrains where you can make a smooth and safe trip. Where the vertical descent that we mentioned will stand out. If you want to polish your skills as a mountain biker, this is the perfect alternative.

Maras and Moray, popular alternative

We consider that the bicycle route to Maras and Moray is the most popular because important places are visited. In addition, the route goes through the always beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. Unlike the other routes, this one has a medium difficulty, even leaning too easy. During the route, it is possible to visit the places that give it its name. In the Salineras de Maras, you can buy the famous pink salt of Maras, while in Moray the photos and learn more about this Inca construction, make the whole route worthwhile.

Cycling through Maras and Moray involves a 20-kilometer route. The route will start near Chinchero, so you will have beautiful views of the Sacred Valley and the feeling of touching the sky. Besides we will have the opportunity to see some crops of potato, quinoa, wheat, and other cereals, where the delicious corn will stand out. During the route, you can also see part of the mountain range of the Urubamba Valley. It is important that at the end of the route, cyclists are attentive to the road as it begins to become narrower and increase the presence of slopes.

Downhill in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

In the heights of the Sacred Valley, you can make one of the most impressive descending routes of all Cusco. This route is considered with high difficulty, because of the changing terrain and especially because you need good experience to overcome all the obstacles and variants that are found on the road. This route is 100% natural which generates a better experience because there is nothing more than contact with nature. The route will start at an elevated point so the scenery will be totally beautiful.

The adventure begins at a viewpoint in Chinchero, from where you can see the entire Urubamba Valley. The adventure begins downhill passing through farms or corn fields and with the view of a natural canyon that is a delight for the eyes. During the descent, you will go through stretches of loose stones, ramps, and curves that require technical skill to avoid falling. Although the distance is only 8 kilometers, the experience is one of the best you can feel if you are a lover of this extreme sport. The activities culminate in the town of Urquillos. With these options, you are ready to free yourself from stress and let the adrenaline get into your body.


By Imachupicchu – Last updated, March 20, 2024

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