Peruvian food restaurants in Machu Picchu

Peruvian food is considered one of the best cuisines in the world. Its most famous dishes are the ceviche, the lomo saltado, the stuffed cause, the ají de gallina and more. In Cusco there are also representative dishes such as baked guinea pig or grilled alpaca. During the trip to Machu Picchu there are quality restaurants that offer Peruvian food. Most are in the town of Aguas Calientes, located at the foot of Machupicchu.

Peruvian hike in Machu Picchu
Peruvian food in Machu Picchu

Tinkuy restaurant

This restaurant belongs to the prestigious Belmond hotel chain. It is the only one on the list located next to Machu Picchu. Its facilities are also part of the Sanctuary Lodge hotel. The buffet lunch includes Peruvian dishes but also international ones. It is an excellent option although not so cheap.

  • Dishes: stuffed cause, trout ceviche, lomo saltado and more.
  • Price (approximate): 30 USD per person.
  • Address: Hiram Bingham Highway Km 7.5, Machu Picchu town, Peru.

El Indio Feliz restaurant

One of the most prestigious restaurants in Machupicchu town. It is a few steps from the main square of the town. It is famous for its tastefully colored decoration. Also for the quality of their dishes. In addition to Peruvian food, it also offers gourmet options and fusions.

  • Dishes: ceviche, fried trout and baked alpaca.
  • Price (approximate): 20 USD per main dish.
  • Address: Calle Lloque Yupanqui 103 Machu Picchu town, Peru.

Chef House Peruvian Food

One of the few restaurants in Machupicchu town that offers the best of Peruvian and Cusco cuisine. An excellent option is to taste the crispy baked guinea pig. There is also the best of typical drinks such as chicha or Cusco beer. The quality of the service is also remarkable.

  • Dishes: ceviche, lomo saltado, baked guinea pig, stuffed cause, baked alpaca and more.
  • Price (approximate): 15 USD per main dish.
  • Address: Avenue Imperio de los Incas 616, Machu Picchu town, Peru.

Julian restaurant

A good inexpensive option although with good quality dishes. It also stands out for the good service of its staff and its delicious desserts. In addition to Peruvian food, it is worth mentioning its pizzas and chicken pieces. It is located at the top of the town, on the way to the thermal baths of the place.

  • Dishes: Ceviche, lomo saltado, fried trout and baked alpaca.
  • Price (approximate): 10 USD per main dish.
  • Address: Avenue Pachacutec 601, Machu Picchu town, Peru.

Inti House restaurant

This famous and striking restaurant is in the main square of Machupicchu town. Its neon lights call to try its delicious dishes of Peruvian food. But it also offers the best in pizzas, pastas, fried foods and alcoholic beverages. Its spacious venue also has an Andean music show.

  • Dishes: Trout ceviche, grilled alpaca, lomo saltado, fried guinea pig and more.
  • Price (approximate): 20 USD per main dish.
  • Address: Avenue Pachacutec 703, Machu Picchu town, Peru.

El Mapi by Inkaterra restaurant

This restaurant is part of the Inkaterra hotel chain. Its buffet lunch service stands out for its delicious and varied dishes where, of course, Peruvian food stands out. El Mapi also has a bar with a good atmosphere where Peruvian cocktails are famous: pisco sour, chilcano and more.

  • Dishes: ceviche, lomo saltado, stuffed cause and more.
  • Price (approximate): 25 USD per person.
  • Address: Avenue Pachacutec 109, Machu Picchu town, Peru.

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