The price of the train to Machu Picchu

The train trip to Machu Picchu connects the different stations of Cusco with the final station of Aguas Calientes. There are only two companies with which you can buy tickets: Peru Rail and Inca Rail. Foreign tourists must buy tourist services. Peruvian tourists have the opportunity to buy the ‘local train’ for a much cheaper cost. Get to know the prices of the trains, their schedules and more information.

Estación tren Machu Picchu
Tourists boarding the train to Machu Picchu

The train trip to Machu Picchu

The train trip to Machu Picchu begins in one of the four available stations: Cusco (San Pedro), Poroy, Urubamba or Ollantaytambo. There is also an alternative station called ‘Hidroeléctrica’, although getting there takes 6 hours and most tourists do not take the train but prefer to walk (only a 10-kilometer walk).

The trains available to tourists belong to the only two companies Peru Rail and Inca Rail. Peru Rail has 4 tourist services available: Expedition, Vistadome, Sacred Valley and Hiram Bingham. Inca Rail also has 4 tourist services available: The Voyager, The 360, The First Class and The Private. These services are the only ones available to foreign tourists.

Peruvian tourists have the (much cheaper) option of taking the local train. This service does not offer the comforts of tourist trains. It is available for Peruvians, especially for people who need to travel daily through the towns near Machu Picchu. While tourist trains can be purchased online, the local train ticket can only be purchased in person.

Peru Rail prices

These are the Peru Rail trains, their services, prices and schedules:

Peru Rail San Pedro station (Cusco city)
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
Expedition7.30 am.12.11 pm.59 USD.
Vistadome7.30 am.12.11 pm.95 USD.
Peru Rail Poroy station
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
Expedition6.40 am.9.54 am.54 USD.
Vistadome6.40 am.9.54 am.77 USD.
Expedition8.25 am.12.11 pm.54 USD.
Vistadome8.25 am.12.11 pm.86 USD.
Hiram Bingham9.05 am.12.24 pm.560 USD.
Peru Rail Urubamba station *
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
Vistadome6.50 am.9.25 am.86 USD.

* Station does not operate in January, February and March.

Peru Rail Ollantaytambo station
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
Expedition5.05 am.6.35 am.54 USD.
Expedition6.10 am.7.40 am.59 USD.
Expedition7.45 am.9.15 am.59 USD.
Vistadome7.45 am.9.15 am.77 USD.
Expedition8.29 am.9.54 am.54 USD.
Vistadome8.29 am.9.54 am.77 USD.
Expedition10.32 am.12.11 pm.54 USD.
Vistadome10.32 am.12.11 pm.86 USD.
Expedition12.55 pm.2.25 pm.50 USD.
Vistadome12.55 pm.2.25 pm.77USD.
Expedition3.37 pm.5.02 pm.54 USD.
Vistadome3.37 pm.5.02 pm.86 USD.
Expedition7.04 pm.8.45 pm.59 USD.
Vistadome7.04 pm.8.45 pm.77 USD.
Expedition9 pm.10.45 pm.50 USD.

Inca Rail prices

These are the Inca Rail trains, their services, prices and schedules:

Inca Rail station Cusco *
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
The Voyager4.20 am.8.01 am.59 USD
The Voyager4.50 am.8.48 am.53 USD
The Voyager8.30 am.12.41 pm.45 USD
The Voyager1.30 pm.6.09 pm.61 USD

* Bimodal Service: pick up by bus from your hotel in Cusco and travel by train from Ollantaytambo.

Inca Rail Ollantaytambo station
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
The Voyager6.40 am.8.01 am.46 USD
The Voyager7.22 am.8.48 am.48 USD
The Voyager11.15 am.12.41 pm.42 USD
The Voyager4.36 pm.6.09 pm.46 USD

Local train prices for Peruvians

These are the local train schedules to Machu Picchu:

Peru Rail Ollantaytambo station
Type of serviceDepartureArrivalPrice
Local train5.07 am.6.34 am.12 S/.
Local train9.49 am.11.47 am.12 S/.
Local train12.58 pm.2.24 pm.12 S/.
Local train7 pm.8.43 pm.12 S/.
Local train9 pm.10.50 pm.12 S/.

Train travel discounts

Children and adolescents (from 3 to 12 years old) pay a 50% discount for the normal value of the train ticket to Machu Picchu. Children under 3 years old travel for free in the same seat as their father or mother.

The local train does not offer discounts for children or teenagers.

The inhabitants of the province of Urubamba (Machu Picchu) pay only 3 Peruvian soles (S /.).

Other additional expenses on the route to Machu Picchu

In addition to the train trip, tourists usually spend on:

  • Transfer to Ollantaytambo station: Ollantaytambo station is the most used by tourists as it has more daily departures. To get there by public transport you must take a transport on Pavitos street. The journey takes 1 hour 40 minutes on average and costs 10 Peruvian soles.
  • The trip by bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu: Once at the Aguas Calientes station, the tourist must decide whether to get to Machu Picchu by bus or on foot. Going by bus is the best option and the one most chosen by tourists. The reason? The remaining ten kilometers to reach Machupicchu are by mountainous roads, always ascending. The cost of the bus ticket for foreigners is 12 dollars. Nationals pay 17.50 Peruvian soles.

More information

The Hydroelectric station only has three daily departures: at 2.17 pm, 2.50 pm and 5.10 pm. The average cost for foreign tourists is $ 10. National tourists pay 5 Peruvian soles. However, both Peruvians and foreigners prefer to walk the ten kilometers to the town of Aguas Calientes. To get to the Hydroelectric station, you must travel about 6 hours from the city of Cusco.

For the return trip, tourists must board the train at the Aguas Calientes station. The schedules and prices from this station vary according to the company you choose: Peru Rail or Inca Rail. However, the costs are usually similar to the one-way tickets. Most schedules depart in the afternoon. In this way, visitors will arrive in the city of Cusco starting at 8 at night on average.

For more information on the timetables and prices of the train trip to Machu Picchu (for outward or return sections) you can visit the websites of Peru Rail ( or Inca Rail (

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